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At Sani-Station, we offer a range of a user-friendly hand sanitising units and hand sanitiser gel, to promote clean hands, hygiene and health. Our units are designed for all popular destinations across and not limited to, retail, offices, stadiums, visitor centres, airports and hospitality.

Our range of products are designed for every key location, with freestanding, counter and wall-mounted units, with auto touch-free dispensing of sanitisation gel. Keep your customers informed with the latest promotions or brand messages through in-built digital screens. There is no need to worry about ongoing maintenance, refills or updating content, as our service teams can do it all!


A Sani-Station helps businesses to prevent the spread of germs and provides peace of mind to customers and employees. It's the essential fixture for the future as part of the new era of Corporate Social Responsibility and protecting our communities. 

Please enquire for further information and to find out about the equipment leases, rental agreements and purchasing options available.