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Security  & Liability


Q. How will the units be secured and who will be responsible for replacement of damaged/stolen goods?


A: The customer will be responsible for the security of the units on both outright purchase and rental options.


Insurance & Liability


Q: Who is responsible for insurance and is this covered in our rent if it is our responsibility? Who is liable in the case of an accident?


A: The customer will be responsible for insurance for either the items they own or under a rental agreement. Sani-Station can provide insurance under a rental agreement upon application for an additional premium.




Q: Are the rental fees all-inclusive of all costs?


A:  Costs such as insurance, repair & replacement, delivery, call out fees, set up fees, refills and any offsite story are not included in rental fees.




Q: Do you guarantee the supply of gel/foam?


A. Sani-Station has local and offshore supply sources but will not be responsible for force majeure events, such as a pandemic, which limit supply.




Q:  What standards are the sanitisers produced to and the dispensing units themselves? What is the warranty period of the goods themselves?


A: All gel or foam is FDA approved. The pump in the fixture comes with a 12-month warranty.




Q: How can I order and through what platforms or channels?


A: Phone, email or online.


Customer Service


Q: Who do I contact if I have any problems?


A: Contact our Sani-Station service line on 1300 214 067




Q: Can I order the units themselves or the sanitiser? Are their different power options other than electrical?


A: Yes however some products are only available on a rental agreement. There are battery options to electrical which will come with a 12 month warranty – POA.




Q: Are each of the goods under 15kg and are there any special handling requirements we need to consider?


A: Each fixture is less than 15kg and the 1L, 3L and 5L containers each are less than 15kg so with responsible handling independently, would comply with Australian OH & S standards.


Digital Content


Q. Can we (ie customer) manage content?


A. Yes, that is possible however Sani-Station, as part of the Fusion Group, can manage all content from creative to production and campaign management.

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