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Are you ready to reopen in a new germ-phobic world?

As we continue to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing and uncertain world of COVID-19, one thing that is for sure is that our psyche and behaviour around hygiene have been forever altered. What will the new world look and feel like as we start to reemerge from hibernation?

Our appetite for connection will be ravenous as we hit our retail stores and shopping centres, travel through our airports, dine out at our favourite restaurants and bars, go to the theatre, see bands and even go to the movies, albeit with a newfound appreciation of “hand, hygiene, health”.

It is now apparent that all retail business leaders will be required to take action to be ethically and socially responsible to their staff and customers. Our heightened hygiene awareness is very much at the forefront of our minds, so we will be demanding a new kind of hygiene service through all touchpoints.

What we can guarantee is that there will be options available to us. Options to keep us healthy and protected. The ability to keep ourselves safe as we reengage with society will be crucial moving forward. The questions I pose then, is, what you are doing to protect your people? Are you mitigating the risk of any foreseeable hygiene issues that would prevent staff or consumers from shopping or frequenting you again with confidence? Are you inviting them back into your world safe in knowing you have their health and best interests at heart?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hand sanitiser is one of the best tools available to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. By placing hand sanitiser in strategic and high traffic locations in your business, you can encourage customers to improve their hand hygiene and make your space a healthier environment to visit. With the demand for hand sanitisers gone up by a whopping 1400%, it is imperative that sanitisation can be easily accessed by all customers and employees.

That is why at The International Fusion Corporation, we have developed Sani-Station TM, a company that addresses all these needs. Our Sani-Station company has multiple ranges of user-friendly hand-sanitising units to promote clean hands. It’s the essential fixture for the future as part of the new era of corporate social responsibility in protecting our communities.

Our fixtures range from entry level stock options, right through to our bespoke solutions in line with your company brand and store aesthetic, seamlessly blending into your current store layouts and design.

Jump online and check out our comprehensive range, including freestanding digital units, freestanding units with static branding, smaller countertop units, wall-mounted units, bathroom fixtures and a new innovation for portable and marketable Sani-Station packs, called “Sani-in-a-box”, for something more quirky and portable.

We have all the additional dress-up kits and instructional decals you will need for every touchpoint throughout a customer’s journey.

Let’s all prepare now, for the day when we reenter our worlds and start to create engaging and healthy workplaces and retail environments for us to all enjoy once more. Reopen with confidence!

For more information on partnering with us and receiving advice on the best options for your business please email us at Sani-Station on [email protected] or contact us on 1300 214 069 or +61 421 581 585

Carolyn Heyward, Group People and Operations Manager, The International Fusion Corporation

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