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Hygiene in Retail – Are you ready?

Sani-Station feature by Inside Retail below:

IS YOUR BUSINESS READY? Hands, Hygiene, Health

At The International Fusion Corporation, we understand that risk-mitigating any foreseeable hygiene issues is key to being ready to re-open your doors post COVID-19. We want to help you protect your retail spaces and consumers while shopping or frequenting your business, ensuring a new level of duty of care, to all customers and employees.

For this reason, we have developed Sani-Station TM, our new company and range of bespoke and stock units that are suitable for all our Retail and Commercial partners.

With ”hands hygiene health" covered, the Sani-Station range includes freestanding digital units, freestanding units with static branding, smaller countertop units, wall-mounted units, bathroom fixtures and a new innovation for portable and marketable Sani-Station packs. This, along with all the additional Dress-up kits and Instructional Decals, you will need for every touchpoint throughout a customer’s journey. 

Find out more about our long term solutions to hygiene and public health across all walks of life, not just limited to our clinical environments. Is your business ready for the new world?

For more information on partnering with us and advising of the best options for your business moving forward please contact us at Sani-Station on [email protected]

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