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Is your business ready for the new kind of normal, post COVID-19

As we continue to adapt and evolve in an ever changing and uncertain world of Covid-19, one thing that is for sure and certain, is that our behaviours have forever been altered. Nobody really knows what the world will look like on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic. The only certainty is that it’s bound to be different. The crisis has already pushed economies around the globe into a recession, and seems poised to leave its mark on how consumers live.

Our psyche on hygiene has had to rapidly evolve with the pace at which Covid-19 has spread. So too will all our communities, retail, corporate, government and in fact all sectors, be forced in to auditing their current work practices and hygiene measures, ensuring there is a new level of duty of care, to all consumers and employees.

What will our new world look like once we start to re-enter and re-engage back in to our worlds and communities again? As we start to emerge and venture out in to the big wide world again, albeit hitting our Retail Stores and Shopping centres, travelling through our Airports, dining out at our favourite restaurants and bars, going to the theatre, seeing a band, even going to the Movies, what will it look and feel like again.

Something has shifted dramatically.

It is now apparent, that all business leaders will be required to take a new view on being ethically and socially responsible to their staff and customer. Our heighten hygiene awareness is very much at the forefront of our minds, and with that, will be demanding a new kind of hygiene normal through all touch points in our lives.

So what is the new normal, I hear you ask?

I don’t think there will ever be a normal so to speak. Normal would presume that we have or will be completely desensitised to the potential of future outbreaks or Pandemics in our future. That may be true for some, but the majority, will always be aware of their hygiene moving forward.

What we can certainly guarantee is that there will be options available to us. Options to keep us healthy and protected. The ability to keep ourselves safe as we re-engage back in to society will be key moving forward.

The question I pose: What you are doing to protect your people?

Are you risk mitigating any foreseeable hygiene issues or blockers that would prevent your staff or consumer shopping or frequenting you again? Are you inviting them back in to your world, safe in the knowing you have their health and interests at heart, whilst visiting your business?

There are options flooding the market currently, taking an immediate and opportunistic view of the crisis, desperate at any new grab for cash. However it’s about so much more. There needs to be a more considered view, with sustainable and effective measures put in place, that look at the long term solutions to hygiene and public health across all walks of life, not just limited to our clinical environments.

That is why at The International Fusion Corporation we have developed Sani-Station TM, a company that addresses all these needs. We have all "hand hygiene health"covered, with bespoke units that are suitable for all our Retail and Commercial partners. Our Sani- Station range includes, free standing digital units, free standing units with static branding, smaller counter top units, wall mounted units, bath room fixtures and a new innovation for portable and marketable Sani-station packs, along with all the additional Dress-up kits and Instructional Decals, you will need for every touch point throughout a customer’s journey.

Through our new initiatives, we are also looking at innovative ways to give back, through new CSR partnerships, making sure we give back to the front line in a meaningful way.

Prepare now, for the day when we all have to re-enter our worlds. Start planning engaging and healthy work places and retail environments for us to all enjoy once more, so that when we return - and we will, we return with confidence.

For more information on partnering with us and require advice on the best options for your business moving forward, or possible just seeking consultation, please contact us at Sani-Station on [email protected]

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